Recent Presentations

Select List of Delivered Papers, Panels, & Conversations (since 2017):

2022: “Why Ovid (and Translation) Matters.” (Invited, Trendall Lecture, hosted by the Australian Academy of the Humanities at the annual meeting of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies, Virtual).

2022: “Translating Daphne.” (Invited, Mudge Lecture, Middlesex School).

2021: “Ovid’s Callisto and Feminist Translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses.” (Invited, Vassar College).

2021: “Breasts Are Best? Ovidian Translation and the Female Body” (Invited, Wake Forest University, Virtual).

2021: “Sex, Rage, and Change: Feminist Adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses: A Conversation with Nina MacLaughlin, Paisley Rekdal, and Stephanie McCarter” (Organizer and Participant, Sewanee, Virtual). (See video here.)

2020. “Teaching Ovid’s Metamorphoses” (Invited, “expert lecture” for faculty teaching in Columbia University’s Literature Humanities program, Virtual).

2020. “Translating Ovid in the Age of #MeToo” (Invited, Sewanee Seminars Lifelong Learning Series).

2020. “Ovid’s Relevance to the World Today” (Ovid and the Art of Love Film Panel, with writer/director Esme Von Hoffman and Classicist Rachel Philbrick; Invited, Virtual).

2020. “Translating Ovid in the Age of #MeToo” (Invited, University of Richmond, Virtual).

2020. “Translating Ovid in the Age of #MeToo” (Invited, Wellesley College, Virtual).

2020. “Translating Across Race and Gender” (Invited, Panel Discussion, American Literary Translators Association Conference, Virtual).

2019. “Translating Ovid’s Sexual Violence” (Invited, a conversation with The New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino, Columbia University).

2019. “Breasts are Best? Translation and the Ovidian Female Body” (Refereed, International Ovidian Society Plenary Panel, sponsored by the Women’s Classical Caucus, CAMWS, Lincoln, NE).

2019. “Translating Ovid in the Age of #MeToo” (Invited, Beaumont Keynote Lecture, Eighth Annual University of Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Conference, Knoxville).

2018. “Lucretius’s Beautiful Phlegm: Disgust, Pleasure, and the Aesthetics of Plague” (Refereed, CAMWS, Albuquerque, NM).

2017. “Cleopatra’s Nose and the Face of the World” (Invited, Sewanee Summer Seminar).

2017. “Augustan Women and the Women of Augustus: Gender and Morality in the Age of Rome’s First Emperor” (Invited, Sewanee Summer Seminar).

2017. “‘He Did It Like a Man?’: Patronage, Power, and Masculinity in Horace’s Epistles 1” (Refereed, CAMWS, Kitchener, Ontario).