In Progress: A translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Under contract with Penguin Classics.

Book Cover Horace: Epodes, Odes, and Carmen Saeculare. The University of Oklahoma Press (Norman, 2020). (Translation)


“The translation is superb. It manages to translate every word of the Latin without extending the length of the poems and some of her renderings are simply brilliant….a masterpiece of style and accuracy.” (John Godwin, Bryn Mawr Classical Review)

“[T]his is a successful and compelling volume of translations and the various notes, circumspect introduction and glossary of rhetorical and literary terms will be of especial use to non-Classicist students, teachers and scholars. (Christopher Trinacty, Classical Journal)

“Over the centuries the sophisticated Latin lyrics of the Roman poet Horace…have been translated into English by a procession of literary icons. Thus, any new English version inevitably bears the onus of comparison with its predecessors, both remote and contemporary. In that context this volume deserves kudos and is a welcome addition to the corpus of Horatian poetry transformed into English….In short, this accessible collection of Horace’s work removes…all obstacles to entry into the Horatian poetic universe.” (J.S. Louzonis, Choice)

“For instructors, students and all manner of general readers McCarter’s fine edition would be a worthy investment, whose combination of a faithful, effective translation with especially robust scholarly annotation sets it apart from other English iterations of Horatian lyric.” (Tedd A. Wimperis, The Classical Review)

“Excellent translation in contemporary idiom.” (Louis J. Kern, The Key Reporter)

Book CoverHorace between Freedom and Slavery: The First Book of Epistles. University of Wisconsin Press (Madison, 2015). (Monograph)


“This delightful book…would be a very valuable companion for anyone reading or studying the Epistles….Definitely a Best Buy.” (Colin McDonald, Classics for All)

“McCarter’s book is a very good contribution to Horatian studies and will be of great help both to the specialist (particularly interpreters and commentators) and to general readers interested in an up-to-date and reliable introduction to the Epistles.” (Andrea Cucchiarelli, American Journal of Philology)

“This is a very good and pleasant book, which offers a strong and consistent interpretation of a book of poetry as a whole.” (Francesco Ursini, Phoenix)

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